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In Love with a Younger Man by Cheryl Robinson

At forty-three years old, Oleana Day feels restless. She just needs change, and a direction. She’s found it in Matthew Harper. He’s smart, financially stable, drop-dead sexy, and has no baggage.


There’s just one problem—he’s 18 years younger, and he’s full of surprises. But what unfolds between them is something neither would have guessed—an unexpected romance about coming to terms, coming of age, and fighting for the love of your life. What do you do when you think you've married the wrong person? READ MORE


Like a Good Neighbor by Dwayne Murray, Sr

Chaos ignites and hell’s fury is unleashed in this battle of good versus evil . . .

Besides sharing the problems of living in a deteriorating building, the thirteen tenants at 666 Cypress Avenue all have very deep and bitter hatred towards one another. READ MORE

This Time for Real by Yahrah St. John


For five years, widowed NYU professor Peyton Sawyer has avoided romance—which only makes her immediate attraction to cool, handsome community center director Malik Williams more surprising. Volunteering at his center spurs a smoldering connection. So why does Malik back off as soon as Peyton is ready to risk her heart? READ MORE


The Road to Seduction by Ann Christopher


Isabella has always known where she stands with Eric. The gorgeous millionaire is her best friend, her confidant…and the one guy who’s completely unaware of her as a woman. At least he was, until a road trip unleashes some serious sexual tension — the potent but complicated kind! But falling for a playboy like Eric is a sure path to heartache, no matter how hot their physical chemistry.





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New Book Reviews

White Lines II: Sunny by Tracy Brown

After the death of her fiancé, drug kingpin Dorian, Sunny focuses on raising their daughter.  Dorian left her rich and the sky’s the limit for her and her daughter, Mercedes.  After the collaboration of a book she wrote with Jada skyrockets on the bestseller’s list, a lucrative movie deal is waiting in the wings.  However, that’s not all waiting for Sunny.  After struggling for many years to remain clean, circumstances cause Sunny to slip.  Will the love of someone new take away her life’s pain and addiction, or has she fallen too deep?

The Stalker Chronicles by Electa Roma Parks

After Pilar’s disappearance, famous author Xavier Preston’s mission is to forget she was stalking him and get his life back to normal.  His bestseller became a hit on the movie screen and he seems to be moving forward, but the memories of her evilness continue to haunt him.  Although his best friend attempts to get him to loosen up and find a good woman, Xavier persists with the behavior which got in trouble in the first place.

God Don't Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroe

Annette and her ex-husband, Pee Wee are on the verge of reconciliation, but his former mistress has other plans.  Blind-sided with the alarming news of the mistress’s pregnancy, Annette feels getting back with Pee Wee just isn’t in the cards.  Once again, when her life is turning upside down she takes to the comfort of food, men and a little neglect towards her daughter, Charlotte.  Annette doesn’t have a clue of the danger surrounding her daughter.

Invisible Enemies by Lynda D. Brown

The Book of Job from the Bible tells the story of a godly man named Job, whom God allowed Satan to test.  What if God asked Satan to consider you?  What would this story look like today?

Chocolate Aftertaste by Liz Grace Davis

Nora Darkin has spent most of her life trying to please her father for some imagined wrong she felt she had done. Her father has always expected her to do his will exactly as he says.  Her current engagement to his right hand man, Liam Connolly, meets with her father’s approval.  In fact, he is planning the entire wedding right down to the honeymoon. On the surface, everything appears fine; however, the night before the wedding, Nora makes a shocking announcement.

Aura Brown: Life Choices by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Although life was moving too quickly for Aura and Malcom "MII" with a new baby on the way, Aura’s change in sexual preference and their upcoming nuptials, they couldn’t be any happier.  That is, until Ryoko returns home with plans to gain custody of Amy and win back her true love.