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Tee C. Royal
Tee C. Royal is the founder of RAWSISTAZ and The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers. She is also a literary agent, a webmistress for several literary-related websites, a freelance reader, reviewer and proofreader residing in the suburbs of Atlanta. In her former "real job" she was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, specializing in the fields of Software Development and Project Management. She is married and has one child and enjoys reading, writing, working cryptograms and other puzzles, and also playing racquetball and volleyball. Her friends call her "T" which is how she came about being called "Tee" online. She started this team of reviewers to meet the demand of those interested in having their work reviewed and also as a means of getting information out about AA Authors to the literary community.

~Founded group 12/16/00 aNN Brown
aNN Brown is a Computer Systems Analyst who resides in Newport News, VA. She is an avid and eclectic reader and enjoys sharing her views on authors, and books. Some of her other hobbies include of course discussing and reviewing books, watching Tennis, Basketball and Football. (Yep, it's aNN...small a, big N's)

~Reviewer since 01/01/01 Dawn Reeves
Dawn Reeves is a Program Coordinator for a public school system and actively participates in numerous community service organizations whose focus is on children. In addition to participating in on-line book clubs, she is the manager of a local book club. She is the mother of twins and In addition to reading, her hobbies include spending time with her family and friends, traveling, dining out, shopping and attending sporting events. She resides in Pennsylvania.

~Reviewer since: 08/02/01 Stacey Seay
Stacey Seay is a native of Northern Virginia where she currently resides with her husband and son. She is an avid reader and particularly enjoys biographies, mainstream and Christian fiction. On the rare occasion that she does not have her nose stuck in a book, she enjoys watching movies, surfing the net and shopping (especially for books). She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Stacey acts as the Children's Editor for RAWSISTAZ and the Director of Ops for TRR and other upcoming RAWSISTAZ subsidiaries.  She is also the President of the Northern VA (NoVA) Chapter of RAWSISTAZ.

~Reviewer since: 09/18/01 Alice Holman
Alice Holman was born in Montgomery, Alabama to one of the original Tuskegee Airmen families. She is the author of Last Days Murder List and the upcoming book, Sexinet. She was winner of the 2001 Chester Himes Award, given annually to an outstanding black mystery writer for their work. Previous winners of this award include Dr. Robert Greer and Walter Mosely. She is also a mother, grandmother and an avid reader and an activist for human rights.  Visit her website at http://www.aliceholman.com.

~Reviewer Since: 12/01/02 Brenda Lisbon
Brenda M. Lisbon is currently employed as a Program Manager for the State of South Carolina. She is an avid reader and a big supporter of school-sponsored reading activities for children in her community.  She reads anywhere in the neighborhood of 9 to 12 books per month as well as volunteers to read to students at one of the local elementary schools in her hometown. She spends some of her spare time as the Project Coordinator for The Good Samaritans for All People, Inc., a group that distributes food, clothes and toys to the underprivileged at Christmas in several South Carolina communities.  Outside of spending time with her son and reading, she likes shopping, surfing the net, and cooking. She and her son reside in Bishopville, SC.

~Reviewer since: 06/15/03 Cashana Seals
Cashana Seals currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama. Her life before the death of her mother was spent in Jacksonville, Florida, where she sometimes still calls home. You could probably say she was a professional student until she graduated from law school. She holds a Bachelors and Masters in Criminal Justice and received her Juris Doctorate from Jones School of Law. She is a legal researcher with a local state agency.  She also holds a second job as a manager at a restaurant. She is the President and Founder of a local book club. An avid reader since she was very young, she spends her spare time reading and reading. She enjoys spending time with family, attending literary events, traveling, surfing the net, and buying books and lots of shoes. She is not married and has no children. Cashana just likes to keep busy!

~Reviewer since: 01/15/04 Pam Bolden
Pamela Bolden is an avid reader of African American books and hopes to one day complete her first novel. She enjoys just relaxing and reading a good book. She is employed at a community college located in Jackson, Mississippi, where she resides with her husband.

~Reviewer since: 01/15/04 Paula Henderson
Paula Henderson is an IT Business Consultant with a telecommunications company.  She has three children and enjoys reading, singing and listening to good music.  She is also very active in various ministries at her church and with her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, INC.  She is currently the president of the Red Hot Readers book club and also participates in several online book clubs.   She loves reading and sharing her comments concerning African-American literature. She currently resides in Little Rock, AR.

~Reviewer since: 1/01/06 T. Shelly B.
T. Shelly B. is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, where she is a law
enforcement professional and an avid reader. She is also a member of
a national crisis intervention counseling network, which comes in
handy in her role as the mother of a teenage daughter.

~Reviewer since: 08/01/06 

Guest Reviewers

a. Kai is a published author and poet.  A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Kai is a wife, mother and attorney. For more info, visit her at www.discoverkai.com.

Criss Coles has enjoyed reading since she was a little girl and looks forward to one day sharing her love of literature in the classroom as a college professor.

Cxandra has been in love with books all her life and is grateful for the opportunity and the blessing to review books of future great authors.

Dawnna, an Illinois native, is a human resources professional at a public library, where she has worked for over 17 years. She keeps herself busy with family activities, and also co-hosts the monthly African-American literature discussion group at the 
public library in her hometown.

Hope Denise Murphy is a practicing attorney and an avid reader who began a love affair with books at a very early age. She and her son reside in the Triangle area in North Carolina.

Rosalind Stormer is a Christian Fiction author who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her debut novel, Healing The Breach will soon by followed by her sophomore effort, tentatively entitled, IN THE WRONG HANDS.

Rowena Winfrey is currently working on her first full length novel, and hopes to be a published author in 2007.  She lives in Corsicana, Texas, near Dallas.

RM Jackson lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and daughter. She is a columnist for a local newspaper.

Peaches is an avid reader and a pre-school teacher who lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two sons.

Freelance writer Swaggie Coleman resides in northern Maryland and just completed her first novel, “The Blue Jay.”  In addition, she is the Professional Blogger of the online blogazine, Swaggie's Voice, which includes her exclusive "thumbs-up" Reading List at:  http://swaggiecoleman.blogspot.com

Tabatha Taylor is a high school Assistant Principal in the metro Atlanta area who enjoys reading, writing and spending time with family and friends.

Toni Bonita, originally from Birmingham, AL, currently lives in St. Marys, GA, where she is an educator.  She is an avid reader who enjoys traveling and is looking forward to retirement.