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Reviewed: Jun 26, 2006

The Wolf Trap by Dennis Wise
Go Daddy Productions, March 2006
304 Pages, Paperback, $15.00
ISBN: 0975393820
Genre: Fiction

RAW Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)

Run away greed

THE WOLF TRAP by Dennis Wise is the story of Ervin "Bulls Eye" West, a drug dealer in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1970s. It is also a tale of the hard life that hustlers, pimps, drug pushers, and prostitutes have on the hard, unforgiving streets of that city. Bulls Eye is in prison when he hears that his twin brothers Eddie and Ernie have been killed. He vows to find out who did it and take care of them when he gets out. He also wants to break big onto the drug scene so he makes the right connections in prison with an eye toward the future. When he is released he looks up Fat Man, a man who served time with him and who has big drug connections. Fat Man sets him up as his dealer in Baltimore. Bulls Eye also finds Alina, a former prostitute and masseuse, whom he finds irresistible. In no time, Bulls Eye is rolling in cash but he is smart and uses his money, not for gaudy living, but for taking care of his sisters, their children and Alina. Nothing ever goes smoothly for very long, however, and a jealous pusher wants Bulls Eye's territory and his inventory and the murder, mayhem and kidnapping begins. A hustler named Wolf wants everything Bulls Eye has and he will stop at nothing, including setting Bulls Eye up for more jail time.
THE WOLF TRAP is steeped in steamy sex, senseless murder and wanton brutality. The characters are fleshed out beautifully and even as they plot and plan murder and illegal activity you find yourself hoping they'll win. It is also a story of forgiveness and redemption within a limited scope as the characters see and empathize with each other after something horrendous has happened. There were some editing errors that interrupted the flow on occasion but it was an interesting read. Wise has lived this life and thoroughly understands it. He has been serving a life sentence since 1979 and proclaims his innocence. This fact alone should be a wake up call to anyone who might think this life is glamorous. It is well worth reading.

Reviewed by alice Holman,
Alice Holman is an avid reader, a writer and a community activist. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Ray and her little dog Boo.

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