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Reviewed: Sep 28, 2009

Panama Fever: Digging Down Gold Mountain by W. B. Garvey
Jonkro Books, August 2009
320 Pages, Hardcover, $26.95
ISBN: 0982229402
Genre: Fiction

RAW Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)

The 1800s was a precarious time for people of color in the United States and overseas, in places such as Panama.  Panamanians and African Americans were slaves; treated as second class citizens.   Today we are still a threat to society, a fact which is proven daily when we read and hear on the news how President Barrack Obama is treated.

Traveling to Colon Harbor where they are going to work on the Panama Canal,  Byron, a trusting orphan, and Thomas, the misbegotten son of a merchant, develop an unusual friendship. Upon their arrival in Colon, life is looking up, when mother nature steps in and destroys their new life. One is hurt; the other is accused of a crime.
I enjoyed Garvey's detailed description of Panama, the people and the construction done on the Canal.   PANAMA FEVER was a history lesson, love story, and tragedy all rolled into one.  The lesson taught was people of color never giving up.  Knock us down we bounce back and go to higher heights.

Reviewed by Toni Bonita,
Toni is a true Southern girl, an educator, avid reader, and Dallas Cowboys fan.  She enjoys her grandchildren, traveling, and attending literary events.

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