The Family Business

by Carl Weber and Eric Pete


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Date Reviewed:  May 2, 2012

Carl Weber and Eric Pete did an excellent job with THE FAMILY BUSINESS. Its starts off with LC Duncan, who is the father, wanting to retire to Florida with his wife, Chippy, but he needs to appoint one of his children to run the business. His oldest, Junior, has issues, so he can't. His daughter London, thinks it will be her husband who is the family lawyer, but LC has other ideas. He names Orlando, a  son, to run the business. They sell cars but they also have some illegal things going on, dealing with Mexican cartels and even the  Mafia. That's when things pick up. The big question is, how will all this turn out? Paris, the other daughter is the family assassin, while another son Rio, who is gay, has his own issues. LC can be good but don't make him angry.

The characters are well developed and each has his own chapters (named after him/her) so you know what they are thinking and how they might move. You can experience the story from their point of view, but not always. It is a tense thriller which makes those pages fly. The authors did a wonderful job of keeping your attention. Some of the action will really get to you, such as when Rio is having difficulties and Paris is trying to save him. It is a real page turner. I would highly  recommend it for those who love action.

Reviewed by alice Holman
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Alice Holman is an avid reader, a writer and a community activist. She lives in Galveston, Texas with her husband Ray.


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