The Blacks: Love Politics: New Beginnings

by Angelia Vernon Menchan


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Date Reviewed:  Jan 10, 2012

Cinnamon and Malcolm Black are on their honeymoon when Cinnamon receives the call that her ex-husband William Brown is ill and it may be terminal. Without hesitation she tells Malcolm they have to return to the States and leave Jamaica behind, not knowing Brown’s condition plus he is her children’s father. Brown is not happy his former friend is now married to his ex, so when he finds out she is there to see about him, he is ecstatic.  While he is not happy to leave Jamaica, Malcolm loves Cinnamon, and Brown was his friend at one time, so he supports his wife without question.

They return to the states to find out a petition is being circulated for Malcolm to run for Mayor of Center City due to the impeachment of the previous mayor. Will he or won't he run? Can he and Cinnamon handle being under the microscope placed on their relationship if he does decide to run?

Cinnamon takes on an issue of her own dealing with men who prey on young women and it all comes together in this brilliantly written story of the Black family that is a page-turner I really enjoyed. I love Angelia Vernon Menchan books because her characters come alive on the pages when she writes.  I look forward to reading the next book in the saga of the Black family as they have you rooting for them, crying and laughing out loud.

I recommend highly that you not only read THE BLACKS: LOVE'S POLITICS, but if you missed any in the series, go back and pick those up as well.  You will not be disappointed!

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