by Angela Nicole Parker


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Date Reviewed:  Dec 31, 2011

Madison Baldwin is the daughter of a publication mogul, although she’s an editor for her fiance’s father’s magazine.  Bucking against the plans her parents have mapped out for her life, the only constant is her friendship with Spencer Newman and Craig Barnett.  Madison and Spencer have dated since junior high school and Madison can see him as part of her future.  Her marriage to Spencer is one aspect of her life her parents totally support.  That is, until Spencer fails to complete the wedding ceremony at the altar.

Spencer’s rejection at the wedding sends Madison into a tailspin as she ponders what could have gone wrong in their relationship.  The events that follow test her knowledge of love as oppose to familiarity and comfort.  Throughout her ordeal, Craig is there to support her.  While working through her relationships, she is also playing matchmaker for him and is totally blown away when she finds his perfect mate.

To be tethered means to be fastened or restrained by or as if by a tether.  TETHERED is a tale of the hold Madison and Spencer have with one another.  Madison’s character was a bit naďve and got on my nerves because she was all over the place with her assumptions.  Yet, I loved the chemistry between her and her true love as it illuminated from the pages.  The book was full of surprises and vibrant characters.  Very well-written and colorfully portrayed, I enjoyed savoring this read.

Reviewed by Paula Henderson
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Paula Allen is an IT Quality Assurance Manager with a book addiction.  She is the mother of three children and resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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