Gathering Of Waters

by Bernice L McFadden


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Date Reviewed:  Feb 16, 2012

The story is told by a city - Money, Mississippi. The city watches the people and sees what they do. Some of them are nice and some of them are very bad. Basically, it is about the murder of Emmitt Till and the events that led up to his murder. The story starts in the early 20th Century and the city discusses what the people of Money are doing and thinking. Money discusses the racism that exists and the problems it causes for the Black people. Supposedly, Emmitt whistled at a white woman and that was forbidden. The husband didn't want to go after Emmitt but his friend did and that's how the Emmitt Till story began.
Bernice L. McFadden did an excellent job of telling the Emmitt Till story. She described what happened before Emmitt was on the scene and then she gave details of what those wretches did to that young boy. The characters were well developed and you could almost guess what they were going to do next. It was a book I just could not put down. It is definitely a book worth reading.

Reviewed by alice Holman
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Alice Holman is an avid reader, a writer and a community activist. She lives in Galveston, Texas with her husband Ray.


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