by Djuanna Brockington


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Date Reviewed:  Mar 21, 2012

Robert is an attractive single doctor of internal medicine who is completing his last year of residency.  As a single man, he is dating and meeting new women, two of whom has captured his attention.  He notices and pursues Allison, a social worker on the psych ward at the hospital where Robert works, although he does not feel he wants a long-term relationship with her.  However, Elle is the one he can see in his future.  When one night of pleasure goes awry, Allison and Elle join forces to show Robert they are not to be taken advantage of.
CONSENSUAL is a short story of betrayal and revenge.  Brockington does an excellent job building up to Robert’s sinister side, which allows the readers to see how he could deceive Allison and Elle.  This is a positive considering the book was not long enough for strong character development.  She also manages to wrap it up at the end.  I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Paula Henderson
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Paula Henderson Allen is an IT Quality Assurance Manager with a book addiction.  She is the mother of three children and resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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